Culture Software Group - Our Mission

We are an association of globally active companies whose common goal is to perfectly support their customers through innovative and creative products and services in the digitization process today and in the future.

The subsidiaries of the Culture Software Group are top companies and market leaders in their respective disciplines, and together offer a unique digital solution spectrum: from professional collection management to mediation platforms and smartphone apps. Our teams stand ready as experienced and competent partners!


With over one hundred employees at six international locations, zetcom Group AG and Fluxguide Ausstellungssysteme GmbH offer world-class solutions. More than one thousand customers on five continents use the offers and solutions of the Culture Software Group – with continued growth every day!

The Subsidiaries


zetcom Group AG - Collections Management Systems

zetcom develops the leading Collection Management System "MuseumPlus" for museums, galleries, collections, and corporate archives around the world


fluxguide GmbH - exhibition systems, guides, apps

fluxguide develops new ways of mediation for international clients. Didactically well thought out, with the latest technologies and professionally implemented.

Vision - a sustainable group of companies

The Culture Software Group strives for sustainable growth. With the support of the investment holding HQIB, the Culture Software Group is developing for long-term success.

Our common goal in the Culture Software Group is to become the global leader in digital services for the cultural heritage sector through organic growth within our subsidiaries, synergies between our companies, support of our growing customer base, and acquisitions of other experts and market leaders.